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Safari Browser Troubleshooting
Start e-Access troubleshooting by verifying your Safari settings
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  • We do not support the built-in AOL browser. After connection please minimize AOL and select one of the supported browsers.
  • Please have all pop-up blocker software turned off during your e-Access session or allow

Enable Session Cookies:

  1. In Safari, in the Safari menu, Click Preferences.
  2. Click the Security tab.
  3. Check Always for the Accept Cookies: options.
  4. Click on the OK button to save & close the Options Window.
  5. Close ALL BROWSERS for the changes to take affect.

Clear Cache:

  1. In Safari, on the Safari menu, Click Empty Cache... .
  2. Click Empty when you are asked, "Are you sure you want to empty the cache?".
  3. Click on Safari, then Preferences... .
  4. Click the Security tab.
  5. Click the Show Cookies button.
  6. Click the Remove All button.
  7. Click the Done button.
  8. Close ALL BROWSER windows for the changes to take affect.

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