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Why doesn't anything happen when I click the statement link?
This article describes why this issue may be happening.
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If you're experiencing issues with the e-Statement link (e.g. nothing happens when you click the link, the window flashes but nothing loads.) then the most likely cause is a popup blocking software* is enabled and blocking the e-Statement window from opening.

The exact steps on how to disable or allow a site in your browsers popup blocker vary for each browser. However, the following steps need to take place to allow the e-Statement window to load:

  1. Disable all popup blocking software* that's installed.
  2. Add the following URLs ( and to the Allowed Sites list for all popup blocking software* that's installed.

* Popup Blocking Software consists of the browser's built-in popup blocker as well as any third-party toolbars that may be installed.

NOTE: When troubleshooting this issue please ensure that you're using a supported browser and that you have followed the troubleshooting steps for the supported browser that can be found on the main page of this Support Site.

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