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e-Alerts FAQ
Frequently asked questions about our e-Alerts product.
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Q: Who is eligible for using e-Alert Services?

A: All members who use e-Access can setup the alerts. All it takes is a verifiable e-mail address on file with Silver State Schools Credit Union.

Q: What is the benefit of using e-Alert Services?

A: With the Credit Union's e-Alert service, you can select from the following alert options:

  • "Tell me when an account balance goes above or below a certain amount."
  • "Tell me when there is an ATM transaction."
  • "Tell me when a check clears."
  • "Send a reminder message at a certain time."
  • "Remind me when a loan is due, or past due."
  • "Tell me when I get a payroll deposit."

Q: Is there a charge* for using e-Alert Services?

A: There is no charge for the e-Alert Service itself.

* If you're receiving an alert via cellular phone, standard text message and/or airtime rates may apply.

Q: How do I setup e-Alerts?

A: To setup e-Alerts, simply sign into e-Access and follow the following steps:

  • Select "Services"
  • Select "Online Account Alets" (under 'Financial Services')
  • Select "Setup e-Alerts"

Q: Where can I change my e-mail address?

A: You can change your e-mail address anytime by going to "Update e-Mail Address" under the "Account Options" section of the "Services" page in e-Access.

Q: When will I receive an e-Alert?

A: It depends on which types of e-Alerts you've chosen to receive, and the network performance of Internet Providers.

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