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Why is only part of my e-Statement printing?
This article will describe why you may be having problems printing your complete statement online.
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In the e-Statement system, there are three buttons at the top of the page (next to the top part of the logo) and they are "View", "Print", and "Download".

There is a known issue with the print option that's accessed from the print button mentioned above. We are working on resolving this issue. This issue may or may not affect you. However, please make sure you use the "Print/Save in PDF" button instead if you are experiencing the issues using the other print option.

NOTE: Using the browser's built-in print function without changing it to the printer format would cause only part of the e-Statement to print.

Printing/Saving in PDF:

  1. Printing an e-Statement
    1. Click on the "Print/Save in PDF" button
    2. Click on the Printer Icon on the PDF toolbar (right above the e-Statement)
  2. Saving an e-Statement
    1. Click on the "Print/Save in PDF" button
    2. Click on the Save Icon (floppy disk)
    3. Navigate to the desired location you wish to save the file
    4. Click the "Save" button

NOTE: If you are using Google Chrome (not a supported browser), you will NOT see the print or save icon for the PDF toolbar because it does not use Adobe Reader as it's default PDF viewer.

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